• Hermetic tandem scroll compressors with crank case heaters and high and low refrigerant pressure sensors
  • Stainless steel, copper brazed plate evaporator
  • Non-ferrous construction on chilled water piping side
  • TS TechTM Tool-less evaporator inlet strainer and evaporator back flush ports and strainer blow down valve
  • Remote air-cooled condensers are rated -20F (-29C) and feature aluminum v-coils with washable filters, VFD fan control, and ambient temperature sensors
  • Water-cooled models feature shell and tube condensers with electrically actuated cooling water regulating valves and inlet temperature sensors


  • Fully accessible NEMA 12-style electrical enclosure with non-fused disconnect switch
  • Single-point power and ground wire connections per circuit


  • Refrigerant suction and discharge pressure transducers
  • Refrigerant suction and liquid line temperature sensors for superheat and subcool readings
  • Electronic expansion valve with sigh glass and moisture indicator
  • Removable core filter dryer
  • Refrigerant discharge line, liquid line, and hot gas line service valves with Schrader access points


  • H3 Display with magnetic-backing for control access and address re-programming
  • Each circuit has its own programable control to allow for Plug and Play integration
  • Clock card included and all alarms are time and date stamped
  • 50 alarms retained in history, including fluid setpoint, chiller in and out temperature, and condenser inlet temperature
  • High and low temperature warning and faults

AEC provides a wide range of cooling solutions for multiple industries including plastics, food & pharmaceutical, packaging, chemical, printing, and machine tool markets. With a full offering of chilling equipment, pump tanks, blown film coolers, cooling towers, and full chilling systems,AEC has the solution for your industrial cooling needs.

From modular central chillers to distributed packaged chillers, AEC experts can recommend the most efficient and cost effective chilling system for your unique operation. AEC offers the technologies necessary to advance uptime, energy efficiency, and performance in your operation. Engage with our experienced team to evaluate your expected system loads, load characteristics, energy usage, and climate related challenges to discover your optimal process cooling solution.