WARP systems

Many have heard of the term radar technology in connection with distance measurement in the automotive or aviation sector. However, the measurement of thin-walled plastic pipes places higher demands on the electronics because a high-resolution capacity is a must when thin layers are measured.

Due to the absence of a suitable product in the market, iNOEX decided to re-invent the core part of radar, the radar technology itself, including the appropriate precision technology and optics, and to
adapt the package to the needs of the plastics market. Together with the best experts of the industry, a sensor technology was created that has the right solution for every requirement
related to the measurement of pipes.

Radar technology is suitable for all common plastic materials such as PE, L-/HDPE, PP, PA6/-12, PVC, PVDF, etc. without any limitations as to measuring accuracy. The transmission and receipt of radar waves does not require any coupling medium which makes the application very robust, reliable and independent of production variability.

WARP Radar technology – Plastic measurement of the future


• Diameter range from 60 to 1200 mm (4 sizes)
• Wall thickness range from 5 to 250 mm (depending on material)
• Fast ROI
• Detection of thin points inside the pipe
• Sagging detection
• Very small overall space required in extrusion direction
• Measurement of strong eccentricity and large wall thickness sizes

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