About us



Since 1994, Auxiplast is a specialized company in the sale of new and used equipment, parts and services for the plastic industry. Our company offers repairing, reconditioning, training, project start-up and turnkey installation services directly at our clients’ factory.

Auxiplast difference is built on experience, professionalism, academical and technical qualifications of our sales agents who come from the plastic industry. Thank to their increased knowledge about equipment of transformation, they are in position to recommend the best equipment on the plastic market and they know exactly how to guide their clients according to their needs. Their quality and precision concern enable them to establish a precise and operational quantitative performance diagnosis in function of their clients’ data. That distinguished service is an Auxiplast exclusivity.

At Auxiplast, we have a clear mandate: To contribute in making our clients’ plastic processing factories more productive, more efficient and more profitable while being adapted to their needs in order to outpace local and international competition.

Auxiplast is an ultimate ally for waste reduction and management, energy cost reduction, raw material consumption reduction or even for workforce optimization.