Clamping solutions


Manual : 1st step towards quicker tool change
Magnetic : no standardization required
Hydraulic clamps : rocker / wedge / pull / T-slot


• New state of the art MAGTCU13 controls with 8″ touch-screen display for accurate and reliable system monitoring
• Multiple levels of access for total operating staff security
• System clamping force remains absolutely constant in case of power outage
• System automatically adapts to varying electrical power conditions (amperage, voltage and frequency)
• Automatic diagnostic function of control unit’s internal components/sensors for easy troubleshooting
• Quick and easy to install – instant availability
• Can be used on new and existing injection molding machines
• Simple and safe to operate

Sectors of activity

  • Automotive
  • Customs molding
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Packaging

The latest generation Pressmag LP magnetic clamping system is ideally suitable for use on large capacity injection molding machines. The long pole shape of the Pressmag LP is oval, for high clamping forces and easy exchange of poles.

The long pole shape of the Pressmag LP is oval, as opposed to the rectangular pole shape of the Pressmag HP. This pre-assembled plug in oval pole design facilitates the easy exchange of poles.
Furthermore this system offers a plate thickness of 55 mm (2.16“) with touch screen controls and metal-to-metal clamping surface. This feature enables exact force measurement.

Thanks to EAS, overall production can be improved with a changeover time of less then 3 minutes. Did you know that, if all is tuned correctly, this can even be brought back to 1 minute ?