Couplers Solutions




  • Sealed flat face mono-couplings
  • Self-locking mono-couplings – expensive locking devices for both parts of the multi-couplings are therefore not required
  • Equipped with induction sensors for the forward and retracted positions
  • Suitable for 1 to 300 mono-fittings or more
  • The mono-fittings are available in sizes 6 to 45, up to 1500l / min and 30 bar for water as well as 200 bar for hydraulics
  • Special fittings are offered for applications characterized by residual pressure in the system

Sectors of activity

  • Automotive
  • Customs molding
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Packaging

Mono couplers

Quick release, leak free, flat faced. EAS offers you easy, manually operated mono couplers for water or air, hydraulic oil, steam & hot oil, or E-connectors.

 Manual multi couplers

Simple and quick leak-proof connections of several water, air, oil and electrical circuits. EAS manual multi couplers greatly reduce set-up times.

Automatic multi couplers

The EAS automatic multi couplers are used in many different industrial applications where air, water, hydraulic, steam and electric connections need to be made. By doing this in automatic way with hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, all the connections are made in a few seconds without making mistakes of wrong connections.