• Installs in minutes on any mold, any press
  • Automatically inspects cavity, cores and slides after the part is ejected
  • Automatically inspects for inserts or quality of the part
  • Insures that no stray parts are left behind
  • Patented near infrared (NIR) camera/light technology solves problems due to visible ambient plant lighting
  • Ideal for either short or long runs
  • Speeds up setup time by taking over mold security switches for mold trials
  • Keeps track of all events so you know what happened (ProcessRx)

Sectors of activity

  • Automotive
  • Customs molding
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Packaging

With each cycle, mold presses run a high risk of experiencing extreme damage due to molded parts or slides sticking. Standard mold protection options only detect the problem as it occurs. Vision mold protection prevents the problem before it occurs.

Avalon’s patented MoldWatcher system will alert operators and stop the press before any hazardous force can be put on the mold. This prevents severe mold damage in addition to the related down-time, which can often be more expensive and troubling than the mold damage itself.