QUANTUM systems



• Detailed information on your product (wall thickness, diameters, eccentricity and ovalness)
• Absolute and COEX measurement
• Wall thickness between 25 microns and 60 mm (depending on the material)
• Automatic centering, accuracy ± 50 mm (1.97”)
• Automatic focusing
• Functioning independent of pipe temperatures
• Electronic parts according to IP 65
• Material savings of 5 % or more through:
o S-min or thin points control
o Improved centering
o Systematic start-up
o Weight per length control
• Simple operation
• Proven control principles

Sectors of activity

  • Tubing and piping
  • Wire and cables

QUANTUM – Consistent development of Terahertz technology

Being a pioneer in this field, iNOEX recognized the advantages of the new key technology Terahertz at a very early stage and has developed it during the past 8 years into a measuring technology which is usable in industrial environments. QUANTUM define the standards today in Terahertz technology for the pipe extrusion process.

QUANTUM generates waves by way of a laser, thus very high frequencies and a very broad spectrum are obtained. QUANTUM is therefore particularly suitable for the measurement of thin layers or multiple layers.

The system detects the pipe position and centers automatically by way of an XY cross table. QUANTUM features one sensor which revolves around the pipe. Coverage is a full 360° along the full circumference of the pipe. The high-precision Terahertz system made by iNOEX GmbH offers savings in time and material. A special focus was set on user friendliness.

Based on the comprehensive data logging, precious insight into the production process is gained. This information can be used to increase the extrusion line’s efficiency. High-quality end products are the result.