Measuring system



  • Short payback period
  • Easily integrated anywhere
  • Reliable operation even under rough conditions
  • Seamless monitoring of tolerances
  • Very robust, lasting design
  • Extremely insensitive to dirt
  • Highly developed optics and scanning technology
  • Highest accuracy and permanent calibration
  • Measurement insensitivity to product positioning

Sectors of activity

    Ten thousands of ODAC® measuring heads have been in use successfully for over 30 years. From international conglomerates to the small manufacturing company, ODAC® instruments are being used in multiple industries, contributing to their financial success and continuously adding to a comprehensive reference list.  The ODAC® brand does not only represent non-contact dimensional measurement, but also unusual insensitivity to dirt, the highest precision, and a compact design. The result: Optimum performance at a minimum price!