Vertex Series Pressure Transducer



  • No fill material
  • RoHS compliant for sustainability programs
  • Robust, thicker Inconel diaphragm is coated with DyMax®
  • Available with thermocouple temperature output
  • 0-1,000 to 0-10,000 PSI pressure range capability
  • HART digital communication available

Sectors of activity

  • Blow molding
  • Compounding
  • Foam
  • Profilés
  • Recycling
  • Rubber
  • Sheet
  • Tubing and piping
  • Wire and cables

Dynisco’s Vertex melt pressure sensor innovation matches or exceeds the performance of the traditional sensor. The big differences are that Vertex is more robust, much faster, and significantly friendlier to the environment.

The direct measurement tip is a simple and elegant design with a more robust diaphragm. Direct measurement of the process reduces errors that are transferred by complicated internal support structures, transmission fill materials, or moving push rods. The diaphragm thickness is pressure range dependent and can be up to 7.5 times thicker than a traditional sensor. Add to these features, a diaphragm composition of Inconel 718 coated with the abrasion resistant properties of DyMax® and experience the true definition of a robust sensor that has proven to increase the life of the sensor and significantly lowers the cost of ownership.